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Our philosophy is based on Sustainable Development, that includes:

  • The efficient use of natural resources
  • The total control of emissions to the atmosphere
  • The choice of eco-friendly products and re-usable and bio-compostable packaging materials
  • The minimization of waste generation and its efficient management by giving priority to recovery and reuse instead of disposal
  • The protection of staff health 

To reach these goals, we have valued the impact on the environment of our products and services with a precautionary approach, by using the best available technologies and continuously developing processes, including those related to employees’ working conditions.

We are engaged in the systematic search for innovative solutions that can contain environmental impacts as much as possible. For this reason, structural changes and improvements to the operation of production facilities have been taken that have led to important results both in terms of production efficiency performance and in terms of reduced consumption and waste. 

We also self-generate our own electricity in our factories with photovoltaic systems.

Thanks to this virtuous way, the Group has decided to operate following the requirements of the certification patterns in force in this sector, which have led it to obtain important certifications including ISO 14001 certification, EMAS Registration related to the management of the Environmental System and UNI CEI EN ISO 50001 certification concerning the Energy Management System.

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