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We provide customers with rental service of linen and work uniforms, ensuring their disinfection, washing and packaging. 

In addition, the wide range of items available allows for great availability of shapes and colors, ensuring excellent commodity characteristics. All stages of processing (collection of soiled linen at the operating unit, delivery of clean linen, preparation of loading and unloading of vehicles) are supported by facilities, equipment and vehicles that allow optimal subdivision and management of flows.

We take care of all processing stages. Operators on the customers’ sites, supported by a computer system networked with the production plant, are able to optimize process management, monitoring flows on a daily basis and providing all statistical information on consumption and costs for each individual operating unit.

The rental and washing service offered also includes the treatment of special items to accompany the basic classic equipment, such as mattresses and pillows, curtains and carpets, fireproof materials (blankets, sheets and other bed items), waterproof cloths, etc.

Hired items can be customized and identified by bar codes or microchips, which ensure traceability during all stages of handling and washing.

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