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Our sterilization plants are technologically advanced and meet the hygienic requirements of current regulations.

The facilities are designed under positive pressure from the outside to prevent unpurified outside air from directly entering production departments. Air is supplied through forced-air ducts; the air vents are equipped with filters for purification; the start of the fans feeding the ducts is automatically controlled as the pressure difference between inside and outside changes. Proper maintenance of the ventilation system is critical to the preservation of equipment and to keep the environmental conditions most conducive to reducing particulate and microbial contamination of the surface and air inside sterilization units. 

All stages of the sterilization process are computerized to ensure a high level of quality, but most importantly, to track the sterile medical device produced once it is released from the sterilization facility. 

The system is based on Client-Server structure that allows to store all information about each sterilized kit. From the data processing, statistics on the production process can be obtained and various types of reports on sterilized kits can be provided to the customer upon request.

Manual control of operations with empty, Bowie-Dick and Hollow Test is always guaranteed, and all production units are certified according to the relevant European standard.

The sterilization service includes spaces divided into distinctly separate areas of which one is for receiving, washing and packaging materials, one for sterilization and one for storage and distribution of sterilized materials.

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