Sterilization center

Washing industry

The building and facilities are divided and compartmentalized into areas identified according to their productivity characteristics.

The production process follows a linear flow designed according to the concept of “forward motion.” Therefore, a full-height architectural barrier was built inside the factory between the “dirty” area and the “clean” area precisely to ensure a clear physical separation between the two conditions.

In addition, all equipment is placed in a straddle in order to avoid any kind of promiscuity and handling devices (roll containers and trolleys) are required to pass through a washing/disinfection tunnel while personnel access from one area to another is through special “filter” areas.

Production facilities

We manage production sites by implementing the best existing technologies on the international market for operating machines, facilities, IT management of internal and external logistics, and all procedural protocols.

We pay close attention to the following aspects:

  • Processing procedures and related process controls, carried out by both in-house staff and outside professionals who are experts in the field
  • Transport techniques, through handling with specific closed trolleys to maintain the initial hygienic characteristics of the products
  • Quality, using raw materials certified in compliance with European regulations and mandatory directives
  • Uncompromising security through the application of strict and effective procedures complemented by contingency plans for handling unforeseen events

Environment, through systems for treating pollutants such as to minimize environmental impact

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