Integrated logistics and document management

We have been operating in the field of integrated logistics and document management since 1984. The initial business of handling and distribution of economical and health care products for public hospital facilities has been complemented by the storage and distribution of drugs for human use since 1999, with services that, at that time, marked a milestone in the pharmaceutical logistics sector. Today, through a continuous evolution of processes, guided by the principles of lean six sigma, implemented on production and workflow management, passing also through the management of paper less administrative flows, we are able to deliver to our customers drugs (singularized, personalized therapies, procurement of individual departments), medical devices and economical material with total traceability systems of products relatively to lots expiration dates and REF codes with the timely reporting on consumption by cost center or type of items that also report the figure of economic expenditure, in a planned and timely manner. 

Our experience in dynamic management of the archives of major health care companies and large public and private clients, the use of state-of-the-art computer and robotic technologies, and the professionalism of our management and operational staff, allow us to rank among the most important companies in the field.

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