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We specialize in the safekeeping and management of health and administrative records for the benefit of Public and Private Hospitals and are authorized to store and move “classified” documents covered by State Secrets. Document management is entrusted to archiving software that allows documents to be captured, organized, filed, and distributed with automated processes while minimizing paper transit, controlling document flow, and streamlining business processes, resulting in increased productivity. Thanks to our expertise in document archives management, we have developed an integrated logistics and document management software (computer cataloging, optical capture, web interface) that meets all the special service needs of our clients, with a scalable architecture in relation to new and possible needs. The computer system ensures the correct creation and dynamic management of paper archives, such as health and administrative documents, with the correct digital support. 

For document management, we have integrated our service offerings that cover both digitization of dynamic archival management and compliant substitute storage services.

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