All of our corporate warehouses are equipped with:

  • Goods acceptance area: arrival area of all goods, where the main integrity and order compliance checks take place
  • Goods loading area: area where vehicles are set up for deliveries
  • Goods storage and archives area: area divided by Customer and product type
  • Special warehouse areas
  • Equipped vehicle parking area

Location of warehouses (total area: 14,200 square meters)

Special goods storage

  • Cold storage of products subject to the cold chain with online monitoring of operating temperatures
  • Storage for highly flammable liquids with ad hoc extinguishing systems
  • Negative-temperature refrigerated cabinets
  • Narcotics room with safe
  • Temperature-controlled pharmacy rooms

Record management

  • Anonymous management using barcodes for identification of containers, archival units, documents, and coordinates 
  • Execution and recording of all status transactions using laser readers
  • Standardization of procedures for check-out of archives from customer locations 
  • Use of codified procedures for receiving and sending requests for the documents under consultation
  • Web app for dynamic document management
  • Online delivery of scans of documents subject to consultation requests
  • Computer connections with host/bridge systems with customer management applications
  • Computer management of all warehouse transactions
  • Computer receipt of supply orders
  • Informatic submission of delivered items lists
  • Downstream supply chain IT integration
  • Delivery of data mining and service statistics services

Certified activities

  • Design and provision of transportation, warehousing, and distribution services for drugs, health care products, medical surgical supplies, and medical devices.

  • Design and provision of computer and optical capture and paper filing services for health care facilities and public administration. 

  • Computer document storage activities for public and private entities. 

  • Collection and transportation of municipal and assimilated waste.

Main authorizations

  • Wholesale distribution of medicines and pharmacologically active substances for human use No. D1508/2005; D3032/2007; D1108/2008
  • Distribution of narcotic drugs DPR 309/90 No. 273/2021 Headquarters GD01
  • Distribution of narcotic drugs DPR 309/90 No. 256/2020 Headquarters VT01
  • Denatured ethyl alcohol depot license RMX00016C
  • Methyl, propyl and isopropyl alcohol storage license RMX00125A
  • Benzol, Toluol, Xylol Deposit License IT00RMY02107F

White list

Registered in the lists of suppliers, service providers and executors of works not subject to the risk of mafia pollution, established at Prefecture of Rome for the sectors:

  • Transportation of material to landfills for third parties;

  • Transportation, including cross-border transportation and disposal of waste for third parties;

  • Trucking for third parties.

Legality rating


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