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School catering

School catering carried out by Innova is based on three basic rules: nutritional balance, the highest quality ingredients, hygiene and safety of the products administered.

The food products used come from leading qualified companies. 

Our specialized cooks follow hundreds of recipes developed by the National Institute of Nutrition and certified by the relevant ASL food hygiene services. 

Our nutritionists provide verification and supervision of preparations with special attention to special diets, meaning those for consumers with special nutritional needs.

The correct application of the requirements of current regulations and the company’s management system is ensured by strict controls on all steps of management, carried out both by accredited external laboratories and by our own qualified in-house staff.

In addition, Innova conducts courses led by experts in the field (nutritionists, pediatricians, dieticians, etc.) to stimulate and educate children, parents, and teachers about the correct dietary methods to follow in order to achieve a healthy life without forgetting the psychological aspect of nutrition.

A virtuous example of our approach to catering is the project In the New Farm.

Hospital catering

Social-health food service is particularly sensitive because nutrition is an integral factor in therapy. 

Our formula includes a customized management system that is based on a thorough analysis of the specific needs expressed by the client considering the structural characteristics where we are called to operate.

All of our operations are supported by tested computer systems for coordination and control of individual steps capable of controlling individual activities for the execution of meal ordering and management for timely inventory control. 

In addition to global management of customer kitchens, we also offer supplies of delivered meals (both fresh-hot bond and refrigerated bond) from our industrial cooking plant in Pomezia. 

We are also able to manage supplementary services directly at customers’ facilities by sending foodstuffs already portioned according to the diets in use, packaging meals with sealing machines and/or tray setting belts complete with related tableware, and distributing meals to inpatient wards by means of special thermorefrigerated trolleys.

Corporate catering and bar management

We pay special attention to the variety of meals provided to large public and private institutions by combining the quality of services with the possibility of enjoying a wide choice of dishes similar to the typical restaurant, respecting the Client’s requests (specific dietary, religious, cultural, environmental, etc.). 

We are also engaged in the management of large cafes, generally located near or within large establishments such as Hospitals, Public Offices and Universities.

We also deal with the organization of events, buffets and corporate banqueting where, in addition to the high quality of products, we combine care in the presentation of dishes and the high professionalism of our staff.

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