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Our Cooking Center, which obtained health permission at the end of 2004, is capable of producing meals that can be prepared in two different ways, depending on the customer’s needs.

Refrigerated mode (cook and chill)
Food after cooking is promptly brought to low temperatures around 4°C at the core of the product in the shortest possible time through the use of sophisticated blast chillers to prevent bacterial growth and ensure that the organoleptic and hygienic qualities of the product are maintained. Refrigerated foods will later be reactivated directly at the customer’s site through the use of thermorefrigerated trolleys capable of performing thermal regeneration of the product, which involves a core temperature of 75°C for foods to be served hot, and a temperature of 10°C for foods to be consumed cold.

Fresh-hot bond mode
According to this method, foods to be consumed hot once cooked are maintained at temperatures >65°C at the core of the product through the use of suitable containers to ensure the maintenance of the heat chain until distribution to the final consumers.

Cold storage and storage of non-perishable foodstuffs

The larger cold storage rooms (fruit and vegetables, red meat, white meat, and frozen foods with attached thawing room) are pass-through. Separately, there is the dairy, dairy derivatives and cold cuts cell and two semi-processed storage cells. 

Organic waste is stored, awaiting disposal, in special refrigerated area.

All cells are continuously monitored by an electronic system that checks and records their temperatures. Abnormalities are transmitted to an alarm system. 

Food traceability is managed with software to organize and manage expiration dates and lots of food entering and leaving the cooking center. 

The non-perishable food storage area is also maintained in temperature-controlled conditions with suitable ventilation and cooling system to ensure the proper storage condition of the foodstuffs.

Raw material preparations

The primary processing areas (vegetable and meat products) are divided by typology and communicate directly with the cooking area while the dairy and cured meat processing area communicates directly with the temperature-controlled packaging rooms.

The meat laboratory is a temperature-controlled room for the control of microbial proliferation.

The dedicated vegetable room is furnished with equipment suitable for handling the packing of vegetables as IV gamma (perfectly washed and dried) to align with cook and chill production.

The fish/mixed processing room is a work area used for different processing as needed.

Finished product packaging and storage

Packaging and storage of food produced in refrigerated bonding take place immediately after blast chilling in temperature-controlled rooms. 

Packaging is done in different sizes according to the specific requirements of various customers (single-use single-ration, single-use multi-ration, wanting in refrigerated bond also combined with protective atmosphere).

At the end of packaging, the finished product is stored in cold storage waiting to be distributed to customers by refrigerated vehicles.

Meals in fresh-hot bond are packaged and immediately sent to the customer for consumption.

Cooking and chilling

The kitchen is provided with advanced equipment for cooking and chilling various foods with proper time and temperature management: braising pans, pasta cookers, ovens, cookers with mixers, blast chillers, and high-powered ice makers.

Drinking water and industrial wastewater discharge

The cooking center is provided with a highly modern purification and storage system for water taken from underground aquifer and a suitable licensed plant for the treatment of industrial wastewater including domestic sewage and storm water, which is then introduced into superficial water body. 

Routine analyses on a daily and monthly basis attest to the perfect potability of the water entering production and the exact compliance of the parameters with the limits imposed by the regulations in force Table 3 of All. 5 of Legislative Decree 152/06.

Degreaser and waste management

Upstream of the wastewater treatment plant, a degreaser has been inserted to block grease residues in the water. This plant has a capacity of about 40 cubic meters and is periodically emptied by a licensed company.

All waste produced by the cooking center is carefully separated by C.E.R. classes and picked up and disposed of by licensed firms.Waste is managed in a special modern ecological island that prevents any possible contamination of the water table by collecting and directing “leaks” to the wastewater treatment plant.

Computer systems

For the management of menu/meal reservations, we make use of a state-of-the-art computer network that allows our customers to make reservations online, which is a key step in the entire production process;This is possible thanks to the presence in the various facilities of one of our contact person who is responsible for making daily reservations within the program for the number and type of meals requested by the customer, diversifying the type of menu according to the characteristics of the order (school menus, corporate menus, hospital menus).

Lunch box delivery

A “Lunch box delivery” service dedicated to Businesses and private citizens is being developed within the Cooking Center, where cooks together with nutritionists create unique dishes, balanced to nutrient needs and suitable for any type of need (e.g. vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, with whole grain products, …) ready to be served to the final consumer through home delivery services or through special smart lockers, special hot or cold keep cabinets accessible to users who have placed a meal order. 

Each user through a special app can choose the type of dish with all the desired characteristics: ingredients, allergens present and nutritional values but also digitally access the pickup of the dishes he ordered, through the above mentioned smart lockers.

The total caloric value is included for each dish, and the main macro- and micro-nutrients are indicated, so that a more informed and balanced choice can be made.

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